I was flattered to be featured on the Be Engaged & Inspired Podcast! We talked all about EMERGE Cosmetics. Here’s a brief summary of what we discussed.

Why EMERGE? I’ve been on an intensified journey to self love and healing from trauma the past couple years. Ultimately, I wanted this cosmetic line to be a reflection of that. I was going between the words “Ascend” and “Emerge”, as they both mean to come out of something, in this case I was emerging into a new state of being. It just felt right.

Why did I create a cosmetic line? After being a professional makeup artist for over 10 years, I knew I wanted to make my mark on the cosmetic industry. This has been one of my big goals from the very beginning. It felt right to start with lip products, since primarily being in the bridal industry, brides and bridal parties are always looking for a lipstick or lip gloss to touch up with throughout the big day.

What lipsticks and lip glosses do we carry? As the list is every changing, you can keep up to date with our product line at shopemergecosmetics.com/shop.

Describe the packaging. I wanted the packaging to be sleek, classic, and simple. This is why the tubes are either clear for lip glosses or a shiny black for the lipstick tubes, with EMERGE written in all caps in a simple font across the tube.

Do we help shade match? I would be so happy to help you figure out your perfect shade! Send us a message through our contact page or email us at shopemergecosmetics@gmail.com to discuss more if you’re having trouble deciding.

What is an undertone and why does it matter? Undertones are important because everyone has one! This effects how colors look on you. Learn more about how to determine your undertone.

Make sure to listen to the Be Engaged & Inspired Podcast Ep. 118 to learn more about EMERGE Cosmetics and get an exclusive discount code to use in the shop!

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Be Engaged & Inspired Podcast Feature: All About EMERGE Cosmetics